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Welcome to Dad’s Best Recipes, where fathers who cook can find delicous, easy to make recipes. 

How I Started Cooking

I am a father of two who is at home four days per week.  On the days when I am home,  I take care of the kids, get them to and from school, as well as cook dinner for the family.  

As a busy family, we often relied on fast food to make sure everyone was fed and we still had time to help with homework, spend time together and take care of the house.  At one point, we realized that fast food and eating out was costing us too much money, not to mention the obvious fact that it is not very healthy.

I took up the task of learning to cook at home , both for the sake of our health and our bank account.  For a long while, I struggled.  I struggled with figuring out the menu, struggled to shop for the ingredients, struggled to manage the time it takes to cook, as well as cleaning up, worrying if everyone liked the food, and a plethora of other issues.  

Recently, it occured to me that I’m not half bad at cooking and that my stress level is far less than it used to be.  In the beginning, it stressed me out but lately I have found that I enjoy preparing dinner for my family.  What changed?  I gave it some thought and realized that the dishes I choose to make are relatively simple.  Unlike when I began, the recipes that I use don’t have a crazy amount of ingredients, they don’t involve following complicated procedures, and they don’t take hours to prepare.  On top of this, everyone seems to like the dishes that I prepare (for the most part).

I’m Not Alone

As I browsed the internet, looking for recipes and ideas, I realized that there were other fathers in similar situations.  They were struggling with the same things that I did. 

I looked around, and while there were many sites with great recipes, there weren’t many that were geared toward fathers.  So many sites were too frilly, fancy and feminine for my taste.  I started to think it would be cool if there were a recipe site for fathers.  A place to come where fathers could find simple, easy to follow recipes without all of the fluff.  

We Are Here to Help

Our site exists to help fathers who want to cook for their families.  We think they should have access to simple recipes that take the stress out of cooking. 

I am not a chef.  I make no claims to be a professional.   I am just a dad who wants his family to have good food.

Take a look around and try out a recipe or two. Let me know what you think.

Thanks for checking us out!




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